Vishwa GlobalX’s air coolers and water chillers are one a kind air cool chillers with efficient cooling technology and a massive capacity of 1500 – 10000 m3/hr flow. The air cooled water chillers provide cooling regardless of the environmental conditions. The water chilling plant manufacturer - Vishwa GlobalX leverages material that is corrosion proof when in contact with water. We follow all standard water chillers manufacturer practices including the overloading protection system and air cooled compressor. Air cooled chiller manufacturers provide features like ‘set temperature achieved in a short time period’, improved film quality and transparency and much more.

    TECHNICAL Specifications

  • Capacity – 1500 – 10000 m3/ hr flow
  • Cooling technology for Blown film plants
  • Consistent cooling regardless of the environmental conditions
  • Improves film quality and transparency
  • Set temperature achieved in short time period
  • Specially designed chillers to adjust power consumption according to the actual temperature.
  • Special hot air bypass system for capacity control during partial load.
  • Scroll / Reciprocating compressor system
  • Over load protection system
  • All material with water contact are corrosion prof.
  • Air cooled condenser

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