To counter serious environmental pollution and exhaustion of landfill space, we have designed our home waste plastic recycling machine to recycle your in-house factory waste. As the industry's best plastic recycling machine supplier, Vishva GlobalX offers a complete range of recycling machines. We have designed a special model which we call the In-house model for small scale recyclers. The output of this model is 50 to 70 Kg/hr and the space needed to fit this model is only 7 X 5 X 4 meters. So you can earn from your plastic waste.

Vishva GlobaX has 2 other models one is a 120 to 150 kg/hr model and the other one is a 180 to 200kg/hr model. We have designed our machines to achieve high outputs at low operational costs. Our plastic recycling machines are highly energy-efficient and extremely operator-friendly.


  • In line Recycling Plant
  • Direct Feeding Re-Cycling Plant
  • Pelletizer Re-Cycling Plant
  • Online Recycling Plant
  • Double step Recycling Plant (Mother & Baby)


Screw Dia Output Process Material Type of Cooling Power Supply Screw L/d Ratio Screen Changer
VELOREX65 60 - 70kg LD, HD, PP, HIPS Water Cooled 30 HP 1\28 Dia 80 double plunger
VELOREX75 140 - 150 kg LD, HD, PP, HIPS Water Cooled 40 HP 1\30 Dia 80 double plunger
VELOREX90 190 - 200 kg LD, HD, PP, HIPS Water Cooled 50 HP 1\30 Dia 100 double plunger

    Salient Features

  • Plastic Recycling Machine is equipped with a conveyor, shredder, extruder, screen changer, die face cutter, cyclone drying system and silo.
  • The inbuilt compact shredder can efficiently process the plastic material and grinds them into very small particals
  • One of the most attractive features among the Plastic Recycling Equipments in this machine is the Die Face Cutter, high quality screw design for better melting and mixing of material and auto screen changer.
  • The plastic recycling machine is equipped with plastic storage Silo to store the produced recycled resins.

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