Universal Tensile Testing Machine

Vishwa GlobalX’s universal tensile testing machine has a massive load capacity of 50 Kgf for tensile & Elongation and a speed range of 10 mm/min – 500 mm/min. The tensile testing machine has digital indication of peak load, elongation and peak load along with an auto stop at breakpoint feature. The software is versatile with repeat tests and comparison of test results, average result display. You also get a video recording of tests with excel sheet conversion of data and graph with universal tensile tester. Vishwa GlobalX, as tensile testing machine manufacturers provide one of its kind features like Test repeat facility and Elongation indication as well.

universal tensile tester


  • Load Capacity: 50 Kgf for tensile & Elongation.
  • Upper day light to crosshead for test of Tensile & Elongation
  • Maximum daylight: 700 mm.
  • Digital Indication of Peak Load, Elongation and Peak Load.
  • Auto stop at break point.
  • Also from PC software.
  • Speed Range: 10 mm/min – 500 mm/min
  • Versatile software with repeat test and comparison of test results, average result display.
  • Video recording of test
  • Excel sheet conversion of data and graph.
  • Test repeat facility.
  • Elongation indication.

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