Universal Tensile Testing Machine

universal tensile tester


  • Load Capacity: 50 Kgf for tensile & Elongation.
  • Upper day light to crosshead for test of Tensile & Elongation
  • Maximum daylight: 700 mm.
  • Digital Indication of Peak Load, Elongation and Peak Load.
  • Auto stop at break point.
  • Also from PC software.
  • Speed Range: 10 mm/min – 500 mm/min
  • Versatile software with repeat test and comparison of test results, average result display.
  • Video recording of test
  • Excel sheet conversion of data and graph.
  • Test repeat facility.
  • Elongation indication.

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Note: In addition to this we request you to buy Personal Computer with CD Rom & Serial interface COM Port (COM1 or COM2).