Dart Impact WITH Single Tester

drop dart impact tester


  • Reference Standard: Machine is Designed According to ASTM D-1709 OR IS 2508.
  • Specimen Clamping: Pneumatically Operated Clamps have been used to hold film.
  • Release Mechanism: Electromagnetic Supporting of 2 Kg Weight with a Centering device to Ensure reproducible drop.
  • Drop Mechanism: Dart drop mechanism is provide to dart drop at different drop height.
  • Counter: Six digit electronic counters would be provided for counting number of trials.
  • Dart Shaft: OD 6.5 mm and 127.5 mm At list long.
  • Dart & Weight: As per Standard Test Method A & B (As per IS 2508) As per Standard Test Method A & B darts with Hemispherical Heads
  • Acrylic Safety cover is additionally fitted on Clamping device to protect and avoid Damages of dart while drop.
  • Covered Boxes are also provided in the machine to protect Weight Again Looses

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