Mono layer Blown film plant extruder

Vishva GlobalX offers one of the most efficient monolayer blown film extrusion machine to the market. Our special designed screw and gearbox help get high outputs with low energy consumption. These Monolayer blown film plants are low investment high on return machines which offers a high competitive edge over your competitors. We offer a range of Monolayers extruders which can run HDPE and LDPE just by changing a DIE. The film plant are compact designed to reduce the space requirements.

Our Monolayer Blown Film HD / LD MODELS

Blown Film Extruder Output Screw Diameter Main Motor Working Width Thickness Range
VELOBLLOW 35 COMPACT MODEL 30 to 40 kg/hr 35 mm 10 H.P 300 to 600mm 10 to 50 microns
VELOBLLOW 45 50 to 60 Kg/hr 45mm 20 H.P 600 to 800mm 10 to 80 microns
VELOBLLOW 55 80 to 85 kg/hr 55mm 30 H.P 800 to 1200mm 20 to 100 microns
VELOBLLOW 65 100 to 110 kg/hr 65mm 40 H.P 1200 to 1800mm 20 to 150 microns
VELOBLLOW 75 130 to 140 kg/hr 75mm 50 H.P 1800 to 2200mm 20 to 150 microns


  • Bi-metallic screw and barrels - for longer life of the screw and barrel even running on reprocessed materials
  • Lever type screen changer for changing the filter mesh easily and reducing the wastage and down time on the machine.
  • Rotating die - for equal distribution of material on the complete width of the film
  • Embossing roller - for a embossing impression on the film ( normally for HDPE t shirt films )
  • Semi – Automatic Back to back winder for making sheets
  • Corona treater - to treat the film for making it printable.
  • Trim blower / trim winder for blowing away the trim in a cage or to rewind it.
  • Hopper Loader - automatic suction of material to feed the machine.

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